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Default Resource exporter - small tool (Pretty much BETA)
Hi there!

Ever looked at all the files you had overwritten and knew that writing down 100+ files yourself is just a pain in the ass? Since constantly doing: "Right+click>Properties>File Name> Copy paste> Repeat" Is just a pain to do.
So I came up with a small tool (with some small help of a friend, since I'm a bit more familiar with Javascript rather than C#, so this was a really fun project!) anyways, let's get going to the instructions.

Since this is a very plain little program, it's quite easy and straight-forward. Hopefully in the future maybe I'll take a look at making it recognize packages, but for now the way it's written is to start with a folder (Make sure it has permission to write as well as reading files in there ) And exporting/placing the files you altered in that folder.
  • Place the exe wherever you like! As long as permissions aren't forcing it not to run
  • Create an empty folder
  • Place all the resource files you've for your mod in here. Nothing else.
  • Run the exe
  • Click the "Browse to folder" button
  • Navigate to the folder you just created and put your resources in.
  • Done! It doesn't show any popups, but a .txt file called "ResourceLog.txt" should show up. Keep in mind that every time you run it in that same folder, the same txt file will get replaced (Since that made the most sense for me at least).

So now you can easily open up the .txt file, CTRL+A within the document to select everything that it has parsed and paste that into your description or wherever! This works with all sorts of files. Whether you're scanning TS2, TS3 or TS4 files, that doesn't matter. Basically all it does is just get the file names, remove the path bits so you only have the actual resource names. Simple as that!

Small note: It does not read subfolders within your selected folder. So you must make sure that all your files are within the folder you've selected.

I really hope as an alternative way it will help some of you guys since putting every single resource in your description is as much as a pain that we all know about! I will probably try to update it some more just for the sake of practicing and getting it more useful, but for now, here you! If there's anything not working let me know as well.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Brilliant! I just tried it and it works beautifully. Great job Lyralei!
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27th May 2018 at 12:31 AM
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I was given this link to help me prepare an upload I have in the queue for Sims 3. Does this tool work for TS3 resources?
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