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Default Collaboration?
It's more a question. The thing is I lost most of my sims 2 and at the moment don't have too many expansions (getting them next month though) after my windows 10 update ruined the open lot file was I forced to delete all the games and reinstall all again /-\

But I wanted to hear if any was up to collab? I love building houses and decorate them, but I also wanted to see the result of a collaboration. Maybe one build and another furniture it?

Another type of collaboration I would love was if someone made terrains and I was allowed to make a downloadable city. It's properly the only time I would be willing to play the game XD
(Also have to learn the SimPE to know too...)

But idk, if any would collab to create a building or town or something?

(Sorry if I placed this the wrong place. I just noticed no category for collaboration and ideas so >_>)

I build small houses *^*
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There is a Hood Building Group that collaborates on creating neighborhoods, although they have themselves convinced that creating strictly Base Game-compatible 'hoods somehow appeals to more people than 'hoods created with all expansions. Whatever...
Anyhoo, they discuss here:
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