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Default Testing a newly created neighborhood!
Hi everybody!
First of all I'd like to apologize since I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place.
A couple of days ago some users pointed out how nice it would be to have Three Lakes (and few other subhoods) available as new main hood. I followed Mootilda's amazing tutorial and I've accomplished my mission (of course, for the purpose, I'm testing it in a vanilla enviroment)! I made sure to not export any Sim from the Characters folder (to avoid any issues) and I converted the Hidden Burrow to a community lot.
Now, the main problem is... which kind of tests should I run before share it? I want to be sure that everything works fine before uploding somewhere.
Until now I've just created a couple of couple of failies, and played a bit with the testing cheats on: they aged with no problems, the Grim Reaper come for them, I could visit the community lots without problems, and I've also added some apartments unit and they work fine (no crashes at all). Also, I've rennued the Hood Checker but since it was empty I couldn't open it.
So, just to be sure:
-Is there anything specific I should check/test?
-Should I try to have a look with SimPE to something?

-What would you like me to do with the hotels, since they wouldn't work as hotel? Shoul I convert them to... "community lots"?
-Is it okay to share it in here on MTS or does it go against some "sharing game parts" rule (I know it sounds weird, but I'd like to double check XD)?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Are you sure hotels won't work? I think they do work in non-vacation 'hoods just fine. I remember making one in regular 'hood. Although I may be confusing hotel equipment on community lot with an actual hotel, I'm inclined to think it was hotel.
Have you considered posting it in CFF for people to test?
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There was a note by Mootilda in the tutorial I've followed:
There are lot types which are specific to some neighborhood types. For example, vacation subhoods have hotels and secret lots which will not work correctly in non-vacation neighborhoods. You can change these lots so that they are the right zoning for the current neighborhood type.

Not really, is the very first time that I decide to share something I "made", but I will have a look to the section
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