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Default seed spawners
The world I am working on was originally done by someone else and I have permission to use it as a starting point. The original creator used many spawners, many, including seed spawners. CAW says to not use seed spawners. I am having a memory lapse here, and do not remember the details about this. Should I delete all the seed spawners placed in the world and use them solely on lots? EA/CAW must have changed after this world was done.
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I put a lot of spawners on a lot. A lot! Will this cause problems?
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From personal experience, having a lot of spawners in a world can cause lag on slower systems. And spawners in a lot have been known to duplicate themselves if the lot is rotated when it is placed. (This may have been fixed, since now when I place the alchemy shop that came with the game all the harvestable plants in the garden are gone. I'm assuming that this might be a side-effect of removing all spawners in a lot when it is placed.)

I don't use CAW, so I have no idea about seed spawners in the worlds, but it certainly looks as though the worlds that EA made have seed spawners that are in the world rather than on a lot.

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I've used seed spawners in my own worlds and have had no issues.

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Same here. I think it's ok in world as long as it's not too much of it. I never use it on lots though, unless it's a lot that is the samme on all 4 sides.
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Thank you for all the responses.

I sure wish my memory was better. I wonder why EA specifically changed CAW to say to not use seed spawners? I deleted a heck of a lot of the spawners the original creator used as thought there were too many. I think I will go ahead and leave the seed spawners left where they are so I can at least delete them from this lot.
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In caw, at the top of the list it does say "seed spawners do not use"..but if you scroll down to the specific spawners, for example, "butterfly spawner", "gem spawner" ... you use those instead.
I just place them at random intervals, here and there or tucked away under trees so it's more challenging for sims to find. Not too many - not too few.
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I decided to leave the ones in the world in the world but cut down on the #. I still think there are too many. And have used just the specific ones when adding new ones. Hope this works. It should. I have to check routing as some could not be accessed.
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I only place spawners on lots after the world is complete and I'm working on lots only. By the pic above it looks like what happens when they are on a lot before placed in the world - when you rotate it - it's duplicates the spawns. They are easily removed by using the buydebug cheat in game.
In create a world you can look in your layers, if you or the creator of the world has made one specifically for spawns. You can remove them by in bulk by highlighting just like you would in any word document program and then clicking delete. Or you can delete the entire layer and they all vanish. I like to have at least one or two of the different spawners in the world, and I never put in spawns from the vacation worlds (China, France, etc).
(sorry I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to explaining things)
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You explained very well. 2 of the worlds I am doing are getting minimal spawners so easy to place and be sure the routing is OK. The other world originally done by someone else still has way too many even though I have removed at least half. I think more will go. I also use certain lots for certain spawners. I have a "nature center" in one world for many of them. I tend to group them. I don't make sims run all around and make them hard to access. I keep it pretty simple.
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What I did with Stranda was to have a "couple" of each, because apparently they play a part in achievements, galleries and such. I found some sources for that, probably from Carl, he's good on lists.
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As an afterthought - fresh and salt water fish designators. You don't need to put them on oceans - they are automatically salt water fish. And you don't need to put them on ponds on lots unless you want it to hold salt water fish - those are, by default, fresh water. You would only put the fresh water designators, say, on your river or lake you've made in the world that you would like to be a fresh body of water. Those are salt by default as it's really part of the ocean. This is for Create a World tool - not Super Caw, as I have no knowledge of how the pool tool works there.

P.S. Daisylee - I've always loved Redwood Harbor and have fiddled around with it many times in caw and yes...there are tons of spawners. (I recognized it in your other post).
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Redwood has spawners galore! I am deleting a bunch. I think a couple or 3 is more than enough for each one. Several folks are looking at it and then I hope to get it done to release soon. I really appreciate everyone's help and advice.
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